Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Drug Regimen: TCHP
Total Treatments: 5

DigniCap was the best decision I made in this awful time. The moment the doctor told me the 3 words no one ever wants hear, my first thought was “am I going to lose my hair” to which my doctor responded “yes.” I was horrified and cried non-stop for weeks until I transferred my file to Cedar Sinai and my amazing doctor introduced me to DigniCap. I signed up and was still terrified of the unknown. I took so much pride in my hair, took good care of it being a professional, and I got complements on a daily basis so being able to preserve my hair as much as possible was very very important to me.

The process is not super comfortable and yes it adds a bit of time to chemo session but it is sooooooooooooo worth it. The discomfort is only for the first 30-minutes but then the head and scalp go numb. I have lost about 30% to 40% of my hair but no one can tell. The photo in the red suit is a month before my cancer diagnosis and the other photo (head shot) is after my 4th treatment. As you see I still have plenty of hair and I was even able to curl it. There are restrictions during the process but you learn to adjust and find a way to deal with it. You cannot color your hair, cannot use any chemicals, only organic shampoo, wash less, no clips or other type of hair bands but you learn to manage it. At least I don’t look sick and people cannot really tell what I am going through. Treatments are traumatizing enough, no need for additional stares and comments.

As of today, I am done with the chemo treatments and waiting for surgery and I still look like the head shot photo. DigniCap technicians are amazing. I had the honor of working with Peter and Anita, both amazing people, super caring, detail-oriented and with you every step of the way. Cancer sucks and it takes so much away from us but one thing we can keep and maintain is our hair, thanks to DigniCap and their amazing people. Thank you for being there for me when I needed the most. Thank you for this amazing technology and making it available to us. I am forever grateful to DigniCap and I am ready to start my fairly normal life after the surgery in 3 weeks. Thank you.