Metastasis occurs when cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Some patients have asked whether scalp cooling increases the chance of metastases in the scalp. 

A study published in 2017 reviewed patients with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy while using scalp cooling for hair preservation and found there was no statistical difference in the incidence of scalp metastasis between patients using scalp cooling vs. no scalp cooling. The study concluded that “based on this extensive review and meta-analysis, scalp cooling is highly unlikely to increase the incidence of scalp metastases in patients with early-stage breast cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy.”


The incidence of scalp metastases was low regardless of scalp cooling. This analysis suggests that scalp cooling does not increase the incidence of scalp metastases.

As Published
Scalp cooling with adjuvant/neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer and the risk of scalp metastases: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2017: 163:199–205
Rugo, H, et al.

Multiple articles have also appeared in industry publications including; New England Journal of Medicine, Med Tech Intelligence, medGadget, Medical Plastic, and Oncology Nurse Advisor.

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