Diagnosis: Triple-negative breast cancer
Chemotherapy regimen: Taxol/Carboplatin (12), Adriamycin/Cytoxan (4)
Total Treatments: 16

Yes, most can rock the bald look and use it as a source of empowerment for themselves and others, but for me personally this was my only question when my doc told me that I had breast cancer. “What about my hair?” (well, that and “Can I still go to Paris?”). I am so lucky that my doctor told me about DigniCap.

I cut my hair short-ish once in my life when I was in college and then I remember Metallica coming on at a bar and when I could not feel that hair whipping around to my back I semi-cracked some tears. I just did not feel like myself and I have never forgotten that feeling. Plus, I’m a journalist and actress and on camera/stage a decent amount of time and was just in the process of nursing a bleach and tone back to health!

One day, after my diagnosis I went into an expensive wig shop in Beverly Hills just to boost my spirits after the “C” news just in case the cap didn’t work, and hey I just wanted to get one regardless because I hate blow drying my hair. When I tried the wig on I started testing the head banging — more as a joke. Those days are over as I need too much chiropractic care after concerts but I still like to enhance my storytelling with a signature head whip and have an occasional late night thrash. That’s how much I need long hair. But now I can get that wig for fun and not for necessity, and don’t have to worry about it flying across the room while in mid-antics thanks to DigniCap.

Basically, DigniCap is a miracle product and I had zero clue that this was an option for me. I was and am blown away by this cold capping system. Not only with the product but by the compassion of the staff. They truly go the extra mile and it’s another friendly face you see on chemo day that you look forward to seeing each time. Lisa and Anita are great! They are also survivors and could relate to the battle that I am facing.

Some doctors/studies say that losing your hair is harder than the actual diagnosis itself. It’s true. I was able to still feel like myself, get up on stage and confidently perform in a sketch comedy show at week 12 on chemo. I just finished 20 rounds of chemo (5 months)! I’m so thankful to still have a near-perfect full head of hair. Now cue the Metallica.

Marisa Sullivan
Journalist – Host – Actress – Producer
*I was not compensated for this review, I believe in this product and you should too.