Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Going through breast cancer is difficult. Losing your hair is difficult, too.

I was blessed with the opportunity to use DigniCap (with the help of my boyfriend). Thanks to DigniCap, I was able to keep most of my hair to the point where no one could tell I was going through treatment.  I let my hair grow out and was able to donate 8 inches of hair, less than one year after my last chemo treatment!

It is truly remarkable that patients going through chemotherapy have an option to preserve their hair, depending on the type of treatment regimen. Keeping my hair provided me with a sense of normalcy and one less thing to worry about during a a time that challenges people physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through all the support given to me, and through my faith, I was able to pull through–day by day–moment by moment. Because I found a sense of comfort, those around me found comfort as well. Using DigniCap was a personal choice that I am absolutely grateful to have taken, and I had a wonderful experience through it all!