Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: TCHP
Total Treatments: 6

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, I’m certain the look on my face was one of shock and disbelief as my Doctor told me I would need chemotherapy in addition to surgery. My nurse navigator quickly followed his statement with “Chemo is not what it used to be, you might be able to save your hair!” My shock quickly turned to hope at that thought — I could go through chemo and nobody would know unless I told them. I would be able to maintain normalcy in my home with two very young children. I could look in the mirror and still recognize myself as I battled cancer. — Those thoughts coursed through my mind as I tried to process a cancer diagnosis and all that comes with it.

I was fortunate enough to have access to The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System at my oncologists office and all of those thoughts rang true during my 18 weeks of TCHP chemo infusions. Privacy. Normalcy. Morale. Scalp cooling is changing the way people see cancer treatment — I’m so thankful I had access to it during mine.